The compost site will be closed July 4 and 5. 

95th and Glendenning Road, Cottage Grove

Spring Hours:
7 am to 7 pm - Monday thru Friday
8 am to 5 pm - Saturdays
Closed = Sundays

Waste Accepted:
Leaves, grass, brush, logs, stumps, wood chips, wood waste, sod, soil, wood pallets, cement, bricks and landscape rock.


Available for Sale:

Screened compost, mulch and wood chips

For more information and questions, visit, or call the Rumpca Companies at 651-459-1556.  Rumpca Companies, Inc. operates the City's compost site.

Rates. Prices are subject to change.

Drop Off
Leaves and Grass

$1.00 per 30 gallon bag or less

$2.00 per 60 gallon bag

$3.00 per 90 gallon bag or


Brush and  Logs $5.00/yard
Stumps $25.00/yard
Wood Chips Free
Wood Chips with Logs and Brush $5.00/yard
Sod and Soil $6.00/yard
Wood Waste


Wood Waste with Dirt $15.00/yard
Wood Pallets $0.25 each
Any mixture of brush/dirt/rocks/shrubs/grass clippings/leaves $15.00/yard
Cement, bricks, and landscape rock $15.00/yard

Railroad Ties

You must call the office at 651-459-1556 to make arrangements for dumping of ties

$1.00 per foot
Plastic bag left behind $1.00 each
Retail Available
Hardwood Mulch $12.00/yard
Premium Mulch $14.00/yard
Blonde Mulch $15.00/yard
Colored Mulch (Red, Brown or Gold) $32.00/yard
Cedar Mulch $44.00/yard
New England Mulch $12.00/yard
Compost $10.00/yard
Top Soil $12.00/yard
Farm Post (mixture of topsoil, fines and manure). $22.00/yard
Garden Mixture (compost, topsoil and sand) $16.00/yard
1 1/2" Limestone $30.00/yard
1 1/2" Washed River Rock


Class 5 $22.00/yard
Screened Sand $20.00/yard
Bryan Red Rock $42.00/yard
Wood Chips $5.00/yard
Delivery Charges:
$80.00 local, $100.00 South Metro, and $140.00 other.
6 ft short box pickup, holds 2 yards. 8ft box pickup, holds 2.5 yards. Sales tax= 7.125%

Rumpca Companies does not accept Treated Wood!

Residents can also call their garbage hauler and setup a weekly compost pickup.

*All three haulers require 24-hour notice for weekly pickup.

The City's compost site typically is:

  • Open during the summer and two weekends in January to accept Christmas trees.
  • Closed around the time most leaves have fallen or when we get a measurable snow in the area.

Residents interested in backyard composting are encouraged to visit Washington County's Composting for more information about backyard composting.

Fall Hours:
7:30 am to 5 pm - Monday thru Friday
9 am to 5 pm - Saturdays
Closed = Sundays

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