The City of Cottage Grove and Department of Public Safety presented Meritorious Service Awards to Matt Dahlquist and Dave Quebodeaux, who work as firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) for the City.

Meritorious Service Awards are given to members of the Department of Public Safety in recognition of work that surpasses normal assignments to make the city’s fire, police, or Emergency Medical Services more effective and efficient.

Dahlquist was commended for his knowledge and assistance in purchasing new ambulances, and his work to outfit our ambulances with new staircases and new stretchers with cot loading and fastening systems.

Council Member Steve Dennis said that he had “gotten to know Matt very well over the past year,” and that although Dahlquist is “a very humble guy, we're very proud of what he did for the community.” Dennis pointed to the cot-loading system installed in city ambulances thanks to Dahlquist’s work as bringing an “incredible improvement” in value and protection to citizens.

Quebodeaux was honored for his teamwork and independent efforts to transfer primary fire and emergency medical services operations to the site of the old City Hall.
Fire Chief Rick Redenius stated that Quebodeaux’s work in helping with remodeling efforts at the fire station had “made it as easy as possible for the staff to move from a centralized building to a temporary building.”

“Since these gentlemen started, they've looked for ways to make us more efficient, and they make us look good as a department as well,” said Redenius during the presentation. “These guys just tend to go. They're great self-starters, and great self-initiators.”

Police Chief Craig Woolery also said that both Dahlquist and Quebodeaux were “exceptional people” who “wear a number of hats and bring our department to a level where every citizen would be proud.”

View photos from the Council meeting on the City's Flickr page.


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