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Located in the Gateway North Open Space at 7600 Burr Oak Cove S.  An official name recommendation will be make by the Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Commission, although some community members may know this area as "Camel's Hump".  Check out the spectacular views overlooking Highway 61.


Search these easy-to-use websites to hear the calls of each bird native to the Gateway North Open Space park area.  See how many you recognize and hear as you visit the park.       













Gateway North Open Space was named so during a time in Cottage Grove development when the City coined the term “Gateway North” for the Highway 61 corridor as travelers approach the Twin Cities from the south.  The Gateway North Open Space has been preserved in the Cottage Grove Park system and serves as an oasis of nature along the most viewed corridor of the community.

Camel’s Hump is a name that dates back in history.  Although the origins are unknown, the name was likely derived from the fact that the dry prairie bedrock bluffs are split in two by a deep ancient coulee (which fed water to an ancient river channel which is now Highway 61).  Prior to settlement, these dry-grass prairie covered bluffs had the appearance of “camel’s humps”.  Today, it is much more difficult to depict the humps due to massive tree cover.

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