If you're passionate about Cottage Grove Parks and enjoy the great outdoors why not join the Volunteer Park Ranger Program?


Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment in Cottage Grove Parks by recruiting and training volunteer park rangers, aged 18 and up, to volunteer and serve as "Goodwill Ambassadors" in parks, as well as to provide information, instruction and assist with minor maintenance.

Park Ranger volunteers serve as extended "eyes and ears" of the Parks and Recreation Department and help staff be more efficient and customer oriented thus improving the park experiences for residents and visitors.

This is a terrific opportunity for residents to give back to their community through volunteerism while enjoying the great outdoors in their hometown!

Job Description

Volunteer Park Rangers come forward to offer their assistance maintaining and marketing Cottage Grove’s wonderful park system. These volunteers are asked to volunteer four to eight hours per week and will receive formal training in the areas of:

  1. Customer service and dealing with the public
  2. Park area orientation
  3. Park patrol procedures
  4. Parks and Recreation department service offerings
  5. Park rules and regulations
  6. CPR and AED procedures
  7. Safety training – PPE, BBP, etc.
  8. Play area safety
  9. Administering customer surveys
  10. Training in natural resources

Once trained, Volunteer Park Rangers will be designated a service area. Rangers will provide service to the parks and trails within the district and may move about from park to park based on the Rangers assessment of need. Standard duties of Volunteer Park Rangers include:

  1. Answering customer questions
  2. Removing litter
  3. Safety checks/compliance
  4. Removing graffiti
  5. Collecting data
  6. Surveying


First and foremost, Volunteer Park Rangers should be passionate about Cottage Grove and an advocate for its parks and recreational system. As ambassadors of the City, they will maintain a high level of public service, integrity, reliability and ethics. Before training, volunteers will be required to perform a background check. Following training, Rangers will be given a uniform and work assignments.


Volunteer Park Rangers work two to four hours per week in one of the eight park districts from the months of April through September. Rangers will have flexible schedules with time and findings reports submitted each month. The City requests that Rangers perform at least half of their service hours on evenings and/or weekends when parks are at their busiest. Should special events or survey work take place in a Ranger’s park district, staff may ask Rangers to adjust or add to existing volunteer schedules.


Complete an application today. Click here or on the image to download the brochure and application form.

Cover of Cottage Grove Volunteer Park Ranger Brochure

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