As for how to recycle, your garbage hauler delivers a recycling container along with your solid waste container. If you have not received your recycling cart, please contact your hauler. 

Tennis Sanitation and Tennis Brother Sanitation either distributes 2-18 gallon recycling containers, 65-gallon, or 90-gallon heavy duty brown cart with hinged orange lid single sort recycling cart, to their customers.  Tennis Sanitation and Tennis Brothers Sanitation picks up recyclables every week.

Place all your recyclable items loosely together (please do not bag any items except shredded paper). 

Place recycling cart or bin(s) on the opposite side of your driveway from your trash container or at least 4 feet apart at the curb.

Please rinse all containers

Acceptable Items Unacceptable Items
Junk mail Porcelain, ceramic
Newspaper Foam, styrofoam
Office paper Aerosol cans
Magazines Used Paper plates
Phone books Napkins
Paper grocery bags Diapers
Cereal, chip, cake, cracker boxes Vinyl siding

Pop, beer, tissue boxes
Plastic toys
Egg cartons Landscape edging
Corrugated cardboard Soiled tissue
Aluminum cans Fast food wrap
All tin & steel cans Pizza boxes
Glass food jars (green, clear or brown) Food waste
Glass beverage bottles (green, clear or brown) Light bulbs
All #1 through #7 Plastics Window glass
Milk jugs Pyrex
Laundry detergents Drinking glasses
ketchup bottles  
Soda & water bottles  
Butter tubs/dairy containers  

Waste Management distributes a 32, 64, or 90-gallon heavy duty green carts with hinged yellow lid, to their customers.  Waste Management picks up recyclables every other week.  For more information about Waste Management's services please follow this link.

For more recycling information in the Twin Cities area visit Rethink Recycling and Washington County Public Health and Environment Recycling and Yard Waste website.

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