Our commitment to the community: 

  • Make every effort to provide a safe, potable supply of drinking water to meet our customers' needs, now and into the next millennium. It's our commitment! It's our profession!
  • Be a proactive water utility that strives to meet the high quality drinking water standards that our customers deserve.
  • Sustain a commitment to high quality customer service now and into the next millennium.
  • Stay dedicated to providing and preserving this treasured natural resource for our children and future generations.
  • Maintain a community-owned water utility that we can all be proud of.

By the numbers
The Public Works Department Utilities division is responsible for the maintenance, operation and repair of the following city utilities:

  • 150 miles of water main
  • 110 miles of sanitary sewer main
  • 1,400 fire hydrants
  • 2,000 gate valves
  • 9,400 customer service connections
  • One booster station¬†
  • One lift station
  • 10 municipal wells with a pumping capacity of 13.7 million gallons per day
  • Six water storage facilities with storage capacity of 7,150,000 gallons
  • 2,050 street lights

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